We believe in any relationship the more you know about and interact with another person, genuine love deepens. The same would-be knowing God, His love for us, and His story within history. The more we know about God the more we will in turn love God. Our desire is that the church would know more about God, deepen our love for Him, and experience His redemptive work in our lives.

In today's culture and our church, we are seeing more and more people lack understanding of the bible in how to read, understand, and apply to their own life. This series gives us a chance to understand God’s Redemption story in a big picture as well as allows us to internalize it and apply it to ourselves. 
This will also give us a chance to see how we relate to the ancestral history of the Family of God that all Jesus followers are now a part of. As we spend time with the Biblical heroes and villains of our past, we will become familiar with our roots in order to better see the heart and hand of God work throughout Human History. 

Most Recent GRS Sermon

What happened?

As we continue through our God's Redemption Story series, we are starting a new video called "What Happened?" where we fill in the gaps between sermons. Before we head into it, we want to look at what happened between Rahab leading up to Gideon, Israel's first judge.

Follow-up of previous GRS Sessions!