After 30 years of pastoral ministry and 22 years of leading North Church, Mike and Tesa Meade announced their resignation. In January of 2021 after an extended time of prayer and fasting Mike approached the church council about his resignation giving a one year notice. Because North Church is part of the Foursquare denomination our polity is such that the District Supervisor oversees our church and is responsible to appoint the new lead pastor. Supervisor Dave Veach asked our church council to look within the church or staff for a qualified candidate to recommend. In a healthy church the preferred Foursquare approach is to raise a leader up from within and to recommend the candidate to our Supervisor. After praying and fasting our church council felt unanimous leading of the Spirit to recommend Pastor Nathan Meade for our Supervisor to consider. Nathan has been a pastor within our church for 12 years and has strong proven character, gifted leadership, anointed Biblical teaching, and a healthy family life. Our church council and Foursquare District leadership team were in full agreement to invite Pastor Nathan to become the new lead pastor of North Church beginning February of 2022.
For the past several years Nathan has been coaching and leading all of our staff pastors, overseeing our teaching team and leading our strategic planning. Nathan is a graduate from (SMI) Spokane Ministry Institute, he has a BA from Whitworth University in Organizational Management and completed his Masters degree at Life Pacific University in Theological Studies. Nathan’s wife Chantel is also a capable leader who loves this church. Chantel came to faith here 15 years ago, mentored scores of our youth and leaders, graduated SMI and Whitworth University and is working on her Masters at Colorado Christian University in Christian Counseling. As a couple they have been married 13 years and have 2 amazing children Grant and Aimee.
Over the last year Nathan has been actively preparing for his new role with assigned coaches who are each Foursquare lead pastors having successfully transitioned senior leadership in their church. Our current Pastor Mike has also been training Nathan in the many aspects of being a lead pastor and leading our pastoral and church council teams. Nathan also has a strong team of seasoned volunteer leaders and a quality staff around him at North Church ready to team up and lead us forward in the mission of inspiring people to say yes to God.
Pastor Mike and Tesa are not retiring! Mike will continue to serve at North Church in a new role as founding pastor. This new role will start with Mike overseeing the Administration- Finance and HR of our church, he will remain on our teaching team, provide coaching and mentoring for emerging leaders and serve our city as a missionary from North Church.


A part of the transition is the repositioning of roles here at North Church. Here is a summary of the various staff roles!

Mike Meade

Co-lead Pastor

Pastor Mike is our founding pastor and currently is in a transition from being the Lead Pastor to overseeing Administration, Finance and HR.  Mike will continue to serve on our weekend teaching team, mentor leaders in and outside our church and mobilize us to extend our reach in planting the gospel in Spokane and in other parts of the world.
Mike and Tesa Meade have been in pastoral ministry for 30 years and married for 37. The Meade’s were missionaries to Costa Rica, planted Hope Chapel in Prescott, Arizona and North Church Spokane in 1999.  Mike has a business and IT consulting background, is a graduate from UT and has a Masters of Theology degree from Bakke University in Seattle. Hobbies include playing with 4 adorable grandkids, all things mountain and long bike rides.

Nate Meade

Co-lead Pastor

Pastor Nathan will be our new Lead Pastor (Feb 2022) and has been a part of North Church since it was planted in 1999.  Nathan helped set the vision, values and mission of our church and has a deep love for our church family.  Nathan serves North as the primary Bible teacher, spiritual leader, and visionary. He ensures the church fulfills its vision and mission to inspire people to say yes to God.
Nathan has served as a pastor within North Church for over 12 years including youth, young adults, worship, kids, and leadership development.  Nathan is a licensed Foursquare pastor, holds a degree from Whitworth University in Organizational Management and a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Life Pacific University. Nathan also volunteers as the Vice President of the Board of Directors at The Genesis Institute. Nathan's wife, Chantel, also leads alongside him and is currently obtaining a graduate degree in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. They have two beautiful children Grant (9) and Aimee (6). Nathan and Chantel love the Lord, the outdoors, being with family, and serving the church and city together.

Kenney Bahr

Community & Groups Pastor

Pastor Kenney serves the church by helping connect people into healthy and growing relationships to become wholehearted followers of God. Kenney oversees our Community and Life groups, Men’s ministry, Discipleship and leadership classes and general oversight of the Facility/Campus.
Kenney was born and raised in Spokane WA and has attended North Church since he was in 3rd grade. Kenney graduated from Life Pacific University with a Transformational Ministry Degree and was a Youth Pastor in downtown LA for 4 1/2 years. He has been a staff pastor at North Church for 6 years serving our children, youth and adults. Kenney and his wife Andrea have two children (Zoe and Piper) and serve Jesus together as a ministry team.

Olyvia Babinski

Rooted Pastor

Pastor Olyvia has served the North Church community for almost 6 years in various capacities. For many years she invested in the next generation as the Early Childhood director by serving the youngest people in the church; infants and toddlers!
Today she helps people grow as wholehearted followers of Christ through Rooted - our 10 week discipleship experience. Pastor Olyvia has shephered many leaders and Rooted graduates in saying yes to God, connecting in community and taking next steps in their faith and volunteering. Pastor Olyvia graduated from Whitworth University with a BA in Theology and completed her Foursquare pastoral licensing through North Church in 2018. Olyvia loves teaching the Bible and seeing people grow in their faith.
Olyvia's husband, Brandon, passionately serves as a youth group leader at North Church. Together they have one child named Beckham and look forward to seeing him grow as a follower of Jesus within the North Church community.

Jacob Hobbs

Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Pastor Jacob serves North Church by helping the next generation grow strong in their faith with the primary responsibilities of developing and deploying leaders who will invest in youth, putting on camps and events, and pastoring students grade 6th through 29 years old.
Jacob grew up in Cheney and started his ministry journey at Cheney Faith Center while in college at EWU pursuing his Communications Degree. He came to North Church as a Resident in training in 2018 and graduated Atlas Bible College receiving his Foursquare Pastoral license in 2020. He and his wife Becca are passionate about helping people say yes to God and serve Jesus together. Jacob loves to follow Hockey and is a huge supporter of the Spokane Chiefs and Seattle Kraken and has a blue heeler named Barabbas.

Amy Ballard

Women’s Ministry Director

Amy Ballard serves the church by helping connect people into healthy and growing relationships to become wholehearted followers of God. Amy leads women’s monthly gatherings, yearly retreats and mentors women of all ages. She also assists in our Administration/Finance department keeping us organized and overseeing our Planning Center database.
Amy is a licensed Foursquare minister and certified coach, who began attending North Church in 2005. In 2014 she and her husband were part of a church plant team sent from North. She spent five years serving as a volunteer pastor and returned to North at the closing of the church plant. Before joining the team, she spent time on staff at various local non-profit ministries including two that specialize in supporting women and one with a stewardship emphasis. Amy and her husband Rob were married in 1999, they have three children, and several grandchildren.

Vinny and Cathy Del Pizzo

Directors Serve Spokane

Vinny and Cathy serve as a missionary team leading the outreach and compassion ministry efforts of Serve Spokane Food Pantry and Clothing Bank since 2006. The mission of Serve Spokane is to bring Jesus’s love to our neighbors by serving people in practical ways. We do this through food, clothing and houseware distributions, providing weekly meals for around 100 hungry children at Evergreen Elementary School and a variety of outreach opportunities.
The Del Pizzo’s moved to Spokane in 2005 after leading the World Missions program at their church for 20 years. After becoming part of the North Church congregation and the Church mission to reach our community in 2006, they saw God leading them toward local missions and the ministry of Serve Spokane was born. They just celebrated their 57 wedding anniversary, have 3 married sons (and daughters in law), 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren who are all the joy of their life!

Nicolas Hinman

Production Communications Director

Nic oversees the tech side of the Creative Arts team. He also produces the video, photo, graphics, and other multimedia to communicate information over the website, social media, live stream, and in-person events. Nic felt the call to ministry in high school and said "Yes!" to God! Before working at North Church, Nic worked on a tv show for a season, a church in Spokane Valley, and an eLearning developer in workplace safety. Nic is married to the grind (single).

Nathanael Knauss

Family Ministry Director

Nathanael serves North Church’s Kids by helping to shape a fun, loving, and Jesus focused ministry. Nathanael, as the Kids and Family Director, oversees Kids Ministry (Walkers through 5th grade) and is responsible for continuing to build a community that cares for North Kids team of staff, volunteers, children, and their parents.
Nathanael is passionate about seeing young people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northwest University. Nathanael has spent multiple years ministering to kids in a variety of settings both in and out of the Church. Nathanael and his wife Emily both have an extensive Social Work background and have huge hearts for families and the city of Spokane. Nathanael and Emily have two amazing children (Lowenna and Jago).

Rebecca Nicholson

K-2nd Grade Director

Becca serves the church by working with leaders and kiddos in the kid's ministry. Becca loves on and guides class volunteers and leaders in their walk with Jesus, and together they help to disciple the kiddos in finding and following Jesus. She also serves on the youth team and gets to hangout with and lead high school girls.
Becca was born and raised here in Spokane, with her two siblings and parents. She just recently graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Whitworth University. Becca has been attending North Church for a little over 10 years and even met her husband, Robert, here! She and her husband are living with her family as they search for their first home. Together, they are passionate about celebrating others and digging into meaningful conversations.

Kacie Farris

Kid’s Ministry Director

Kacie Farris serves North Church in leading, developing, overseeing, and evaluating kid's ministries for spiritual growth, while connecting with parents. Kacie is developing a team of volunteers, using their spiritual gifts to add value to the mission of kids ministries as we fulfill the vision, mission, and values of North Church.
Kacie grew up in Puyallup Washington, attending and serving at Lifespring Foursquare church. After graduating high school, she moved to Virginia to pursue training horses but ultimately realized her call to ministry while serving in various ministries for two years. Kacie moved to Spokane in 2020 and began interning at Life Center while her parents, Wayne and Cindy, plant Journey Church in Nine Mile Falls. Kacie will be graduating early this spring from Southeastern University with a degree in Ministerial Leadership.

Kylie Durham

Early Childhood Director

Kylie is North Church Early Childhood Director (Infants-5 years) in our Kids Ministry. She leads a team of volunteers and leaders to reach families with kids from infants all the way through pre-school in two classrooms.
Kylie Durham has been on staff at North Church for 2 years. Starting out assisting the Youth Pastor then moving to kids ministry where she still leads today. Kylie is married to Jeff now for 2 years and has one beautiful baby boy Elijah. Kylie has graduated Atlas Bible College and is currently pursuing God’s next steps of pastoral ministry.

Dave Smith

Facility Director

Dave is responsible for keeping the North Church facility in good working order, making sure all maintenance is kept up to date, and providing a clean comfortable and safe environment for our church community and guests. Dave has been on staff for 14 years and loves to provide an environment that inspires people to worship God.
Dave was born in Spokane, and grew up in Spokane and Elk, he has been married 26 years, and has two kids,, he and his family have been attending North Church for 17 years.