Rooted Pastor

Pastor Olyvia has served the North Church community for almost 6 years in various capacities. For many years she invested in the next generation as the Early Childhood director by serving the youngest people in the church; infants and toddlers! Today she helps people grow as wholehearted followers of Christ through Rooted - our 10 week discipleship experience. Pastor Olyvia has shephered many leaders and Rooted graduates in saying yes to God, connecting in community and taking next steps in their faith and volunteering. Pastor Olyvia graduated from Whitworth University with a BA in Theology and completed her Foursquare pastoral licensing through North Church in 2018. Olyvia loves teaching the Bible and seeing people grow in their faith. Olyvia's husband, Brandon, passionately serves as a youth group leader at North Church. Together they have one child named Beckham and look forward to seeing him grow as a follower of Jesus within the North Church community.

Fun Facts!

First Car?
1993 Pontiac Grand Am. Awful car. Consistently broke down on the side of the road. But as a 16 year old with wheels, I was grateful to have something!
Favorite thing to do with friends?
I love having deep conversations with people! I find it enriching, inspiring, and wonderful! I chat on the phone with a dear friend of mine weekly and 2 hours pass by in a blink of an eye each time!
Favorite season?
I love spring in Spokane. I can't get enough of the beautiful trees with flowers on them and other natural beauty all around!