Production Communications Director

Nic oversees the tech side of the Creative Arts team. He also produces the video, photo, graphics, and other multimedia to communicate information over the website, social media, live stream, and in-person events. Nic felt the call to ministry in high school and said "Yes!" to God! Before working at North Church, Nic worked on a tv show for a season, a church in Spokane Valley, and an eLearning developer in workplace safety. Nic is married to the grind (single).

Fun Facts!

Favorite Song?
This is always changing, but a safe bet is anything from the Vulfpeck "Live From Madison Square Garden"  album. So much goodness, so much fun, and so much talent!
First Car?
My first car was a 1993 red Ford Escort with red interior. Like, cherry red. Also had an insane sound system that probably cost more than the car. My 18 year old self was happy and content.
Any Tattoos?
Yes! I have one on my right wrist that says "Choose Love". I used to write it on my hand when I was working at a service deli to remind myself.At my last church, one of the other members mentioned they used to write "Be Love". I joked that we should get matching tattoos. I turned out not to be a joke. Here we are!