Community & Groups Pastor

Pastor Kenney serves the church by helping connect people into healthy and growing relationships to become wholehearted followers of God. Kenney oversees our Community and Life groups, Men’s ministry, Discipleship and leadership classes and general oversight of the Facility/Campus.
Kenney was born and raised in Spokane WA and has attended North Church since he was in 3rd grade. Kenney graduated from Life Pacific University with a Transformational Ministry Degree and was a Youth Pastor in downtown LA for 4 1/2 years. He has been a staff pastor at North Church for 6 years serving our children, youth and adults. Kenney and his wife Andrea have two children (Zoe and Piper) and serve Jesus together as a ministry team.

Fun Facts!

Best memory?
One of my favorite memories is a couple friends and myself drove 6 hours to a beach in a old broken astro van, slept in it, and that morning went surfing in college. We laughed and was a great day of surfing.
What's the most extreme sport you've done?
I did an internship in Wyoming when I was 19 years old, we all went bull riding. I would….probably not do it again haha!
Most recent time that you've cried laughing?
We had some friends over and were playing a “escape room” card game. My friend and myself cheated and won the game, but through the whole game kept saying “just need to find the patterns and you will get it.” Our wives never caught on and we just kept laughing.