K-2nd Grade Director

Becca serves the church by working with leaders and kiddos in the kid's ministry. Becca loves on and guides class volunteers and leaders in their walk with Jesus, and together they help to disciple the kiddos in finding and following Jesus. She also serves on the youth team and gets to hangout with and lead high school girls. Becca was born and raised here in Spokane, with her two siblings and parents. She just recently graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Whitworth University. Becca has been attending North Church for a little over 10 years and even met her husband, Robert, here! She and her husband are living with her family as they search for their first home. Together, they are passionate about celebrating others and digging into meaningful conversations.

Fun Facts!

What's the scariest thing you've done?
"The Leap of Faith" at our staff retreat ropes course. I had to climb up what seemed like a 1,000 foot wood pole and jump off the top, and trust my fellow staff and staff wives to keep me safe while I floated back down to the ground. While it was one of the absolute scariest things I have ever done, I had such a sense of gratitude for my friends and pride for myself that I did something I was so nervous about doing. I would totally do it again, but I would need some encouragement and support to make it worth it.
Least favorite candy?
Lemon heads, yuck! The last time I had them I was in middle school, and it was the first and last time I have ever had them. I have found that, throughout my life, I don't like almost anything that is lemon flavored. Lemonade, Lemon filled donuts, Lemon flavored skittles, NOPE!
Best memory?
This answer is cheesy, but my favorite memory was at my wedding getting to dance with my friends and family and celebrate my marriage alongside them. It was so special getting to celebrate and have such an amazing time with those closest to my husband and me, and really feeling the love and support from them. That moment felt like a giant hug from all my favorite people.