Women’s Ministry Director

Amy Ballard serves the church by helping connect people into healthy and growing relationships to become wholehearted followers of God. Amy leads women’s connect events, yearly retreats and mentors women of all ages. She also assists in our Administration/Finance department keeping us organized and overseeing our Planning Center database. Amy is a licensed Foursquare minister and certified coach, who began attending North Church in 2005. In 2014 she and her husband were part of a church plant team sent from North. She spent five years serving as a volunteer pastor and returned to North at the closing of the church plant. Before joining the team, she spent time on staff at various local non-profit ministries including two that specialize in supporting women and one with a stewardship emphasis. Amy and her husband Rob were married in 1999, they have three children, and several grandchildren.

Fun Facts!

What's the most extreme sport you've done?
I used to drive Stock cars.  Not NASCAR level, but locally at Stateline Speedway. I might do it again if someone else were to fit the bill.
Least favorite candy?
Anything sour patch - yuck!
First date with your husband? 
I stood him up. I got cold feet and chickened out and flat out just didn’t go.