Zoom Groups

We are excited to announce a brand new platform for our Life Groups moving forward! We are calling these digital ZOOM Groups, using a video conferencing software called ZOOM

We believe that small groups are a vital part of our ministry here at North Church. We value our small groups because they help people say yes to God each and every week. Our Zoom Groups create a space for us to pray for one another, care for each other, and do life together. They also are a great opportunity for prayer and deeper Bible study. While we can't meet in person at this time, we want to continue to meet via ZOOM during these times of isolation. While social distancing, our worlds can feel very isolating and lonely. We hope that our ZOOM Small Groups can be a light in these dark times. 

Here's how you can join! New ZOOM Groups are being set up every day, there is no limit to who can sign up. 

If you are interested in joining a new ZOOM Group, you may register here.

If you are interested in hosting a ZOOM Small Group, you may register here. 

If you are already part of a Life Group, contact your Life Group Leader. 

For questions please contact Jacob at