Vision Slot Form

Vision Request

Vision Slots at North Church are a powerful space during service where we get to celebrate what God is doing, present the needs of the church and help church members use their gifts and walkout out the North Church Mission. Vision slots help people connect in healthy relationships, body share their story and become more whole hearted followers of Jesus. Your ministry is awesome and we look forward to what your ministry has to share with the church during these little Sunday Windows. 

Please use this form for all vision slot requests. The benefit of this form is it aligns your ministry with the Host Pastor to make the most out of the vision slot that happens each Sunday. 

                    Vision Request Approval Process 

Upon approval, you will receive an email with the date and assigned host pastor for your weekend.  If there was a scheduling conflict then you'll be provided with alternate dates. 

*not all vision request will be approved for your weekend. Vision slots work on a first come first serve basis so please review your big event cleared and schedule slots in advance. 

*Due to saturation, visions requests may be postponed due to too many requests and over saturation. 

Graphics For Vision Slot*

Please upload graphics you would like to have used during your vision slot. Graphics should be or scale down to 1280x720 resolutions. If you would like graphics to be made, please allow up to two weeks for new graphics to be made and please upload two example of work that you like to provide direction for the design team.

Here, you'll provide specifics about your vision slot. The host pastor will either invite you or a person from your ministry on stage during the vision slot to be interviewed and present your ministry. Please answer these three questions. 1) What are we celebrating? How has God been moving through your ministry2) What's the problem and how is your ministry assisting that area. 3)What are the needs of your ministry? What's the ask? Specificity is very helpful in this space.