PBJ Thursday Devotional

The Right Tool for the Job - 8.15.19


For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6 (NASB)


Joshua’s really big job came in two parts. First, he led a couple million people around the promised land and into battle with the people who lived there. The campaign to take over the land took about seven years.

But he was more than just a general; he also had to help divide the land among all the people. God had promised every man his own inheritance. How many acres is that per person? Does the guy with more sheep get more land? What if two people want the same little strip of river or the same shade tree? Then there were the five sisters whose dad had died fighting for the land but didn’t have any sons to claim his inheritance; should the sisters get the land even though women didn’t get an inheritance?

These were all questions Joshua had to answer. Since he grew up as a slave, he never took Human Capital Management or Critical Problem Solving at the local university.

How did he ever do it all? He sought God’s wisdom.

The Proverb shown above was written by another man with a big job — Solomon. When his father, King David, died and Solomon inherited the throne, God made him an offer. I’ll give you one thing, whatever you want. Name it. 

Solomon felt totally inadequate to lead God’s people as well as his father had. He asked God for the one thing that would help him be a good king. He asked for God’s wisdom.

Because of Solomon’s humility, God gave him that wisdom and added riches on top. To this day, Solomon is considered the wisest and richest man ever to walk the earth.

Maybe your job doesn’t affect millions of people, but your actions do affect your family, friends, and coworkers. Do you feel qualified to be successful at everything on your To Do list? Or do you question your own abilities?

Prayer Point: Ask God to give you wisdom to meet the challenges and decisions you’ll face today.