PBJ Monday Devotional

Every Day with God - 8.19.19


Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 (NASB)


How do you give glory to God while you eat and drink? Especially since your mother told you not to talk with your mouth full? But this verse doesn’t mean we should actually say the words out loud. It’s referring to the way we conduct our lives, even in the normal everyday stuff.

Daniel was the kind of guy who lived his life in a way that gave glory to God. Everyone knew where he stood. Daniel prayed to God three times a day. He didn’t force his beliefs on anyone else. He didn’t shout at others or wave posters that said people would burn in hell. He didn’t even show off how holy he was compared to others. To the contrary, he actually went up to his attic to pray. But Daniel was so committed to his God, that his enemies knew they could get a law passed that would take him down.

Enemies in America use this tactic frequently. It takes a long time to get the law passed, and then there’s an injunction, and someone files a lawsuit. The pundits and politicians argue about it. The candidates make speeches about it. Laws are reversed. More lawsuits are filed. They make a big ruckus, but it’s not always effective.

What about us? Do people know where we stand? Could someone pass a simple law to catch us in the act of giving glory to God?

It doesn’t take much. We don’t have to get in people’s faces or look down our noses. We don’t have to preach from street corners or start fights on social media. All we have to do is live our standard lives and give God the credit.

Prayer Point: Spend some time with God today. It doesn’t have to be hours; God likes minutes with you too. Ask him to help you live a life that brings him glory.