Graphics Request Form

Graphics Request

Graphics are one of the ways North Church communicates to our congregation. Please submit all graphic requests and fill in all the required fields below. Graphic development can take up to 2 weeks from request submission. Any Graphics needed before the 2 week deadline require approval by Mike Meade.

This is your ideal date to start your promotional cycle. We recommend having a 3-4 week promo cycle for events requiring registration and a 2-3 week promo cycle for events not requiring registration.

Promo Cycle Needs*

Please check all the boxes of the type of promotion you would like us to use for your event. We will strive to get your graphic out on as many platforms as you request. Actual promo cycle will be subject to change and is based on slot availability and priority.

Proofs will always be sent to the submitter of the Graphic Request. If there is anyone else in your ministry that needs to see a proof and be part of the approval process, please select their name from the drop down.

What feel/photos/colors do you want in your graphic? Please be specific.

If links are not provided for graphics examples above please upload them here.

What logos do you want featured in your graphic?

Please provide the email where graphic proofs and finals should be sent to.