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Current Series: 

Prayer is a critical part of our relationship with God. However, it is also a very misunderstood practice. Many of us treat God like an eternal pinata ready to drop candy out of the sky if we bother Him long enough about our wants and desires. Others tend to treat Him as a sky fairy that can magically wave a wand and make miracles happen if we say the magic words. Still others pretend that God is a genie in a bottle that only grants three wishes so we better ask just right. Is this what prayer really is, or is there more? Simply put - prayer is talking to God about what you're working on together. It's a relationship that requires both listening and talking. The Bible is filled with many examples of people who talked to God about all kinds of things happening in their lives.

Parent Questions: 

At North Church we believe that parents should be the primary source of stewarding and discipling their children towards Christ. These are helpful questions to ask your children during the week. 

1. What do you think about prayer? 

2. How often do you pray? What do you pray about? 

3. What are ways we can pray as a family? 

4. What was the last thing God said to you? 


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