Event Planning

Welcome to the events planning section for staff members. 

Events are a huge way for us to connect with our church and the community. Great events create great experiences! Planning and communication enhance events and to make bigger impacts. 

To get your event online please take a moment to fill out this form and consider the questions below to bring the best value to your event planning efforts. 

- Do you need a graphic for your event? Great events usually have great visuals too. 4-6 weeks prior to your event date don't forget to have a  graphic made so it can be promoted during video announcements, vision slots and especially on the the featured page of the website.  Fill out the graphic form.

- Do you need to reserve a room at the church? Double check the Google calendar prior to scheduling your event and if your space needed is not reserved don't forget to fill out a Google form. 

- Do you need registration for your event through church teams? Be sure to fill out the church teams registration sections below. If you already have a church teams registration built, please enter the link in the space provided below. 



For your event to hit the "featured page" you'll need to have a graphic made. 4-6 weeks prior to your event date don't forget to submit a graphic request for too.

If multiple days

Exact Address if available- if not general location

This is what you'll see on the event details page on northchurch.net/events

If $0 enter $0. =)

Is there a third party place to review the info? ie. Collide, River View Bible Camp etc.

ie. 4PM

ie. 6:30PM

Desired Location (s)*

Please choose the room you would like to request for this event (no need to send in a separate room reservation form)