Life Groups

Getting Connected in Community With Others

North Church understands that being apart of a community is vital to the health of your spiritual growth and gives you the chance to not be left out. If you join a Life Group you'll be joining 5 -12 people who meet regularly in order to develop friendships with each other, watch out for each other, and encourage each other to be more like Christ. Life Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, or pretty much any place for good conversation. In Life Groups people study God's word together, discuss the issues and challenges of life, and support and pray for one another.

In a society where it's easy to be lonely in a crowd, we believe that God created us to be in relationship with other people. Life Groups. Don't do life alone.

Help Me Connect In a Group

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Have you attended North Church in the past 8 weeks? If you have not, we ask that you begin by attending a weekend service and introducing yourself to a pastor at first connect. This will help us get to know you and do a better job of helping you connect.*

Have you been through Rooted at North Church or are you currently in Rooted?*

What nights of the week work best for you? (Please check all that apply.)*

Do you need childcare?*